Control what can be controlled and prepare for what can't

Mitigating the unexpected: workplace violence training that helps your company take control and thrive.

Many businesses may not realize that time to plan for recovery is now – – long before a violent incident. Learn more about what makes the Mindset Readiness Project curriculum the obvious choice.

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Pre- Incident

Learn to identify when someone may be planning violence and steps that can be taken.

In the Moment

Learn what to do to survive being in an active workplace violence incident.


Learn how to heal and move forward with resilience after the worst has happened.

Amount lost to litigation per person, per incident of WPV when an employer fails to take proactive preventative measures
$ 0 M
Potential spike in employee attrition immediately following an incident of WPV
0 %
Mass shootings of four or more victims in the United States in the year 2021 alone
Likelihood of health-related absenteeism by employees exposed to WPV--for years afterward
0 X

Violence is on the rise and impacting people

Mass shootings in the US, just one form of workplace violence, has been shockingly on the rise in recent years. 

And it’s impacting workers everywhere, across all types of businesses

Nonfatal assaults in the workplace have increased nearly every year over the past decade.


Ability to customize content and look to meet your needs.

and Led

World-class expertise brought directly to your workforce.

Behavior, Tactics
and Psychology

Cutting-edge information not found elsewhere.


Addresses the pre-, during- and post-incident periods.

Workforce Needs

More than a checklist, this tool truly informs and guides.


Learners are able to set their own pace and learning agenda.

Variety of

This tool is offered in desktop and mobile device app formats.


Information via audio narration, slides, and transcripts.

World Class, Highly Experienced Experts


Molly Amman, JD, CTM

Retired FBI profiler Molly Amman is an internationally recognized expert in targeted violence threat assessment and management. A 22 year veteran of the FBI, Ms. Amman specializes in active assailants, workplace violence, threatening communications, public figure threats, stalking and extortion, domestic extremism, and more. She has authored numerous publications on topics related to targeted violence, extremism, and law. Ms. Amman conducts training around the world and collaborates extensively with public and private partners at home and abroad in assessing threats of violence posed by individuals and groups. Ms. Amman has also served on faculty at the FBI Academy, as legal counsel for the Bureau, and has completed several overseas deployments to support allied partners.

Jay Tabb

Jay Tabb is a seasoned security leader with over three decades of law enforcement, military, and private sector experience managing risk. Mr. Tabb served 23 years in the FBI, culminating as the Executive Assistant Director leading the entire national security portfolio. His FBI service included five years as an operator on the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), leadership of the JTTF in Washington DC, Commander of the HRT, Deputy Assistant Director in charge of counterterrorism operations for the FBI, and Special Agent in Charge (SAC) for the FBI in Washington State. Mr. Tabb was awarded the FBI Medal of Valor and two FBI Stars for heroism and injuries sustained in two separate direct adversarial incidents during sensitive operations. Mr. Tabb is also a recipient of the U.S. Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service, and the Exceptional Service Medal from the Director of National Intelligence for leadership during two prominent national security cases. Mr. Tabb’s military service began in 1989 and included over 7 years an infantry officer in the U.S Marine Corps, including combat operations in the Middle East.

Jennifer Prohaska, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Prohaska is one of a few clinical psychologists in the country that specializes in recovery from violent life altering events. She is also one of a scarce handful of psychologists with advanced knowledge of use of force encounters and is Force Science Certified. She graduated with her doctorate (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology in 2013 from the University of Kansas. Since 2013, she has grown her practice to support over 54 different public safety entities across three states in a wide range of utilizations; from human resources-related matters to the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She also consults for the public and private sectors on topics of increasing resiliency post-incident, and utilizing behavioral science for better performance outcomes and increased retention of employees. As a trusted source, Dr. Prohaska provides clear and precise programs to develop top performers who are best prepared for high risk-high stakes situations.


What’s included?

A fully customizable, comprehensive training on the full life cycle of workplace violence. Presented in easily digestible modules.

  • Comprehensive workplace violence training for entire workforce.
  • Guidance on developing a workplace violence prevention program.
  • Training on planning ahead for a resilient workforce after an incident.
  • General workforce track and additional leadership modules.

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